Piano Quintet (B-flat Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Piano)13'

SDGS 944$ 20.00
Earth Voices is the composer's piano quintet version of the song cycle, Voices from the Earth. Throughout the contrasting four movements in this iteration, the original vocal lines are expanded and modified in a soloistic manner by the violin.

Soprano, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Piano (opt. Handbells)4.5'

SDGS 942$ 15.00
The vocal solo for soprano, piano, and string trio commissioned in 1985 by the Nebraska Music Teachers Association, may be performed with piano alone. Highly suitable for weddings or on the concert stage, this song is a dramatic setting of text adapted from the Song of Solomon:

Piano/Woodwind Quartet (Piano, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon)17'

SDG 05-201$ 20.00
This multi-movement tour de force is highly descriptive and expressionistic. The title is derived from the numerous shorter movements which make up the piece:

Violin, Violoncello, Piano10.5'

SDGS 975$ 15.00
Piano Trio Kassarjian is inspired by the composer's choral work In Memoriam: Kassarjian, which is very "instrumental" in nature and translates beautifully into the piano trio form. It includes a cadenza for the two string instruments. Overall, the work is a mixture of highly emotional, lyrical writing combined with tour de force 20th Century rhythmic writing among the three instruments.

Piano Quintet (B-flat Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Piano)22'

SDG 2000-2 ????
SDG 99-204CD Use Cape May Preludes Sound FX CD$ 15.00
A setting of the nine Cape May Preludes for Piano Quintet. The entire set may be performed in combination with sound FX including the Atlantic Ocean, seagulls and 3 sets of beautiful wind chimes.

Sunday Morning Fire
Bernadette's Salsa Egg Dish
Jazz's Blues
One-six-three Jig
Full Count
Irish Fiddler's Dance
Night Shore Fog
Late Night Embers
Sunrise at Colvmns By The Sea

Solo B-flat Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Piano (opt. handbells)4.5'

SDGS 976$ 15.00
The Solomon Quintet is an instrumental adaptation of Jackson Berkey's solo soprano song, For This, I Love You. The original vocal line is here expanded for solo clarinet. The work opens with very delicate string and piano writing which supplies an ethereal foundation for the solo clarinet. A slight change of tempo adds the possibility of handbells. The clarinet soars as the instruments reach their apex, only to release their tension to a closing section which features the absence of the solo clarinet. The clarinet enters in the last phrase to bring Solomon to a quiet end. It is dedicated to clarinetist Kathryn Pirtle and the Orion Ensemble of Chicago, Illinois.

(Carnegie Hall Series)
Mixed Chorus, Baritone Solo, Dramatic Reader, Orchestra 2(Pic. dbl) 221, 2221, Timp (3), Perc I-II-III, Mallets, Piano, Harp, Strings29'

SDGM 97-100 Chorus, Piano$ 8.95
SDG 97-500 Conductor's Full Score$ 75.00
SDG 97-500P Orchestra Parts$ 175.00
Smaller ensemble version with String Quartet and String Band
SDGM 97-100P String Quartet, String Band Parts$ 15.00
South Dakota Shadows was commissioned by Al Stanga and the Master Singers of Sioux Falls (SD). The work was premired in 1989 with the state's centennial. CD liner notes by James Livingston: "Its words and music reflect the heartland of America. The texts come from poets rooted in the state, watered by the Missouri, which merges high plains, sacred mountains, and badlands. Its varied citizens speak through these poets, nativeborn and settler, pioneers, and their descendants. This land, near the West, holds a special place in the American imagination. Its river boundary has much to do with it. Lingering near it, these people have not yet quite crossed over. The suite shadows them. Jackson Berkey demonstrates amazing versatility in combining various musical traditions to mirror the fusion of cultures." Poets include Charles "Badger" Clark, South Dakota poet laureate.
Excerpts available:Evening Shadows (South Dakota Shadows, Carnegie Hall Series) Indian Summer (South Dakota Shadows, Carnegie Hall Series)Mercy Song (A Spiritual) (South Dakota Shadows, Carnegie Hall Series)Requiem for a Pioneer Woman (South Dakota Shadows, Carnegie Hall Series)Turkeys and Badger's (South Dakota Shadows, Carnegie Hall Series)

Indian Summer
Turkeys and Badger's
Evening Shadows
Boxing With Snowflakes
Mercy Song
Requiem For A Pioneer Woman