Piano 4-hands5.5'

SDG 11-205$ 9.95
With its minor-major harmonic shifts, this work is reminiscent of the Dvorak Slavonic Dance Opus 46, No. 8, Furiant, in G minor. The opening description of the Berkey work, "Like a Slavonic Dance" shifts between A major and A minor. It dances lively in 6/8 with the occasional 3/8 for the unstoppable excitement. A section of 6/4 elongates the melody, shifting accents, but returns to the familiar 6/8 to finish with strong dynamics and breathless dance.

Piano 4-hands4'

Piano 4-hands SDGS 966$ 3.50
B-flat Trumpet, Piano SDGS 963$ 5.50
Violin, Piano SDG 10-208$ 5.50
The English poet and composer Thomas Campion (1567-1610) is the inspiration for this instrumental work; specifically his poem, View Me, Lord, A Work of Thine. Jackson's romantic setting interweaves the players' parts with contrasting ranges and colors.

Piano 4-hands2.5'

SDGS 973$ 4.50
Hosanna Down! is adapted from Jackson Berkey's choral piece, Hosanna! It is a delightfully syncopated, energetic powerhouse. This work is so much fun to play, it could come with an unconditional, money back guarantee!

Piano 4-hands2.5'

SDGS 974$ 4.50
The double catalog listing is correct. This version simply discards the key of the "Major" version and turns into a very jazz oriented Dorian/Mixolydian hoe-down. The original Hosanna Down! is taken from Jackson Berkey's choral piece, Hosanna!

Solo Instrumental version also available:
Piano 4-hands7.5'

SDG 10-201 Piano 4-hands (solo instrumental version)$ 9.95
Coming from somewhere in the past, an ageless memory rocks as a lullaby soothing the Greatest Gift to Mankind. Jackson Berkey begins his telling with the delicate ringing of distant bells from the piano. Berkey's setting of It Came Upon A Midnight Clear is beautifully entwined with the lullabies of Pietro Yon's 1917 Christmas hymn Gesu Bambino and Frdric Chopin's Berceuse. A written trill in the piano accompanies the silent energy of angels moving through the skies, until the weary world becomes still.

(Thoughts and Remembrances, Carnegie Hall Series)
Chorus, Piano 4-Hands2'

SDG 96-113 Mixed Chorus$ 1.50
SDGS 967 Piano 4-hands$ 4.50
SDG 96-114 Treble Chorus$ 1.50
SDG 96-115 Male Chorus$ 1.50
SDG 96-113 Mixed Chorus$ 1.50
The English rhyme Sing a Song of Six Pence, is the basis for 6Pence. Following a robust statement of the familiar melody by all the voices, the tune continues while the background begins "counting money, eating bread and honey, counting bread," (as in "money")! This leads to the "Counting and Eating" instrumental solo which includes excerpts from Mozart's Overture to The Marriage of Figaro and a Berkey frenzy on the piano. During this extravaganza, the women eat bread and honey while the men count their money. The piece concludes with the voices reiterating the overture to Mozart's opera, taking them to a high "C" and finishing with uproarious laughter and applause. The work bears the dedication: "For my mother, Josephine, in celebration of her ever-present, always irreverent sense of humor!" SATB version was performed in the Carnegie Hall Series.