Soli Deo Gloria - "To God, alone, the glory."

J.S. Bach used this phrase as a signature at the end of many of his works. One sees it over doorways and music instruments in Europe. Its use is also fitting for SDG Press®, primarily a publisher of sacred music. As such, SDG Press® was founded in 1985 in Omaha, Nebraska by Almeda and Jackson Berkey.

For many years, both Almeda and Jackson worked directly with Norman Luboff, the extraordinary choral performer, composer and publisher. It was at Norman's suggestion that the Berkeys formed "Soli Deo Gloria Cantorum" which Almeda conducts. Also, previous to starting SDGPress, Jackson had many works published by Walton Music Corporation, Norman's highly regarded publishing company. Those works are still available from Walton and are included in this catalog. They are easily distinguished by their "W" and "WW" catalog numbers.

In the past decade, the music publishing business has changed dramatically and SDG Press® has taken advantage of many of those changes. One such advantage is in computers and related music software. Since initiating SDG Press®, Jackson has engraved and edited all of his scores, first with the Music Engraver software; and currently with Sibelius software. With the savings generated by this composing/editing/engraving process, many of his titles are sold at a lower retail price.

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