Solo Violoncello, Piano15'

SDG 10-204
Piano and Violoncello combine to make a dazzling two movement work. Structured with Aeolian Ballade as Movement I, the piece begins with a feeling of timelessness in the piano, overlaid with a plaintive and slow-moving cello melody. Dramatic trills and flourishes interrupt quiet thought and a quick cadenza. The struggle between peace and ostinato-like figures gives way to a faster, repetitive section, eventually concluding with a lento expressivo. In Movement II, the Scherzo takes off with a memory of the repetition, rough accents and clashes of dynamics. A restatement of the opening with its a driving rhythmic foundation forces the climax and a powerful crescendo. The piece was commissioned in 2010 by Nebraska Music Teachers Association.

Solo Violoncello, Piano9'

SDGS 943$ 10.00
This duo is an intentionally eclectic work written to showcase varying styles and types of American music. It exploits the wide array of sounds and performance techniques available on the violoncello personified by walking bass, jazz, rock, quartal and tertian harmonic sections, some "Gershwin-esque" writing in the piano, and the American folk hymns Shall We Gather at the River and Simple Gifts.

Solo Violoncello (unaccompanied)4.5'

SDGS 952$ 7.50
The work is a set of free variations based on the famous hymn tune, Chester. It exploits the technical and dynamic aspects of the performer while focusing on the expressive nature of the violoncello.

Solo Violoncello and Piano (or Chamber Orchestra) Chamber Orchestra Picc I, II, 2222 221 Timp, Perc9'

SDGS 953 Cello, Piano Reduction Scores
SDGS 95-500 Conductor's Score
SDGS 95-500P Orchestra Parts$ 10.00
The work is a large two-part form separated by a cello cadenza. The second section of the work is based on the composer's song, In a French Mountain Village. Timbre is dark and rich, always expressive and evocative. Written on commission from Kirk Gustafson and the College of Fine Arts at the University of South Dakota, Vermillion, Elegy for a Memory was premired by David Low in a special concert prepared for South Dakota Public Television in 1984.

Solo Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra Fl, Ob, Perc I-II (Marimba, Glock), Organ, Strings8'

SDG 05-202 Cello, Piano Reduction Scores
SDG 05-502 Conductor's Score
SDG 05-502P Orchestra Parts
Based on the middle movement of Berkey's Chamber Concerto for Organ, this beautiful work for cello and orchestra recalls the pensive style of Copland or the tender expression of Barber.

Piano, Viola SDG 08-207$ 10.00
Piano, Violin SDG 10-200$ 10.00
Piano, Violoncello SDG 08-206$ 10.00
This poignant expression of life is reminiscent of Robert Schumann. Ascending triads, a high ostinato figure, and a majestic theme with dramatic climax, closes quietly as Firelight dims.
See Rainydark & Firelight for Solo Piano and Piano 4-hand versions.

Piano 4-hands5.5'

SDG 10-205$ 9.95
SDG 11-203 B-flat Trumpet, Trombone, Piano$ 6.50
SDG 10-206 Violoncello, Piano$ 5.50
SDG 10-207 Piano Trio (vln, vlc, pf)$ 7.50
SDG 11-204 B-flat Trumpet, Piano$ 5.50
Jackson Berkey's Homage to Emily Dickinson was inspired by Certain Am I, originally composed for mixed chorus and piano (SDG 10-101) in a setting of Emily Dickinson's poem, 'I never saw a moor.' In this beautiful setting, the composer's technique seems to move in tandem with the poetry to facilitate her dissection of the meaning of faith - swirling it around in one's mind, imagining its power, its reach, its connection to all else.
See Certain Am I for choral and solo vocal settings.

Solo Violoncello and Piano, opt. Sound FX22'

SDGS 01-201$ 25.00
Use Cape May Preludes Sound FX CD: SDG 99-204CD$ 15.00
This is a setting of the nine Cape May Preludes for cello and piano. The Preludes were written on the composer's first sabbatical at Cape May, New Jersey, America's oldest seaside resort. The short, multi-movements carry us through a day with the composer at the oceanfront "Colvmns By The Sea" Bed and Breakfast.
See also Cape May Preludes for Solo Piano (SDG 99-204) and Seaside Sweets for Clar, Vln, Vla, Vlc, Pf (SDG Contact Publisher).