Mixed Chorus, Orchestra 2222, 4331, Perc, Timp, Piano, Strings17'

SDG 07-100 Chorus/Keyboard Reduction$ 1.35
SDG 07-500 Conductor's Score$ 75.00
SDG 07-500P Orchestra Parts$ 175.00
A 2007 commission for Iowa City (IA) High School and conductor Candy Wiebner, the work is in two movements. The first is energetic, with a dynamic "blast-off" in the orchestra, which leads to "tongue and cheek" humor from the choir. The lyrical, sustained second movement is a setting of a beautiful and well-known quote from William Shakespeare's Richard III (Act I, Scene ii): "Look, how this ring encompasseth thy finger. Even so thy breast encloseth my poor heart; Wear both of them, for both of them are thine."

(Carnegie Hall Series)
Mixed Chorus, Orchestra 2221, 3421, Percussion I, II, III, Timpani, Piano, Strings35'

SDG 05-101 Chorus/Piano Score$ 12.95
SDG 05-501 Conductor's Score$ 75.00
SDG 05-501P Orchestra Parts
Six of Berkey's mixed chorus original works and arrangements are expanded with full symphony orchestra in this glorious "Americana" statement of our history and heritage. The collection of diverse movements was prepared for a Mid-America Productions Carnegie Hall concert in June, 2005. It travels through joyous celebrations, sombre recollections, and tender moments of love.

Sacramento~Sis Joe
Black is the Colour
Tenting Tonight
Silent Tents
Amazing Grace
Hold On!

Fl, Ob, Perc I-IV, Timp, Organ, Strings

SDG 04-500 Conductor's Score, Organ Score
SDG 04-500P Orchestra Parts
Chamber Concerto for Organ, Winds, Percussion, Timpani, and Strings was commissioned in 2003 by organist John Friesen and St. Paul United Methodist Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. In three movements of equal length, the concerto is written in a "Handelian" style with active interplay between the organ and the orchestral forces. The outer movements are energized with many asymmetric, dance rhythms; the contrasting middle movement is a gentle Fantasy on "Amazing Grace". Organ part and conductor's score are also available separately.
See also Fantasy on "Amazing Grace", for Violoncello and Orchestra (SDG 05-502).

Other performance possibilities:
An Easter Celebration for Mixed Chorus, Dramatic Reader, Soloists (Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Baritone), Orchestra 2222, 2221, Timp, Perc I-II, Organ, Piano, Strings42'

SDG 93-500 Conductor's Score$ 75.00
SDG 93-500P Orchestra Parts$ 175.00
Joy, Great Joy!
Come, Follow Me
The Priceless Touch
Mary Magdalena
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Gently, Gently
Simon Peter
Gethsemane Prayer
Peter's Denial
The Crucifixion
The Earthquake
Our Lord is Risen!
Finale: Hosanna!

1,1 (Ob/EngHn dbl) 4221, Timp , Strings11'

SDGS 01-502 Conductor's Score
SDGS 01-502P Orchestra Parts
Instrumental version of the choral and orchestra work. Brass section replaces the choral parts of the original version. Crucifixus is the first completed movement of Towers of La Sagrada Familia, inspired by the grand Antonio Gaudi unfinished cathedral of Barcelona, Spain. Gaudi's successor, Subirachs, continued the life of Christ in the magnificent facade on either end of the building. A cryptogram appearing on the "Death and Passion" entrance to the cathedral led Berkey in his melodic design. Replete with pathos and poetic tone painting, sonorities travel from one suspension to a release that leads to yet another suspension, representing the heavy weight of Christ's suffering. The haunting melodies and beautiful vertical sonorities retell the story of the exquisite carving of the Sagrada Familia.

Solo Violoncello and Piano (or Chamber Orchestra) Chamber Orchestra Picc I, II, 2222 221 Timp, Perc9'

SDGS 953 Cello, Piano Reduction Scores
SDGS 95-500 Conductor's Score
SDGS 95-500P Orchestra Parts$ 10.00
The work is a large two-part form separated by a cello cadenza. The second section of the work is based on the composer's song, In a French Mountain Village. Timbre is dark and rich, always expressive and evocative. Written on commission from Kirk Gustafson and the College of Fine Arts at the University of South Dakota, Vermillion, Elegy for a Memory was premired by David Low in a special concert prepared for South Dakota Public Television in 1984.

Solo Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra Fl, Ob, Perc I-II (Marimba, Glock), Organ, Strings8'

SDG 05-202 Cello, Piano Reduction Scores
SDG 05-502 Conductor's Score
SDG 05-502P Orchestra Parts
Based on the middle movement of Berkey's Chamber Concerto for Organ, this beautiful work for cello and orchestra recalls the pensive style of Copland or the tender expression of Barber.

Other performance possibilities:
A Christmas cantata for Mixed Chorus, Solo Quintet (SSATB), Solo Quartet (TTBB), Soloists (Treble, Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Baritone), Orchestra 1111, 1121, Timp, Perc I-II-II, Harp, Piano, Strings37'

SDG 91-504 Conductor's Score$ 75.00
SDG 91-504P Orchestra Parts$ 175.00
The Annunciation
Above All Names
God's Perfect Sign
God of Light
Exultate! Jubilate! Celebrate!
Lullaby-Baby Jesus, Asleep in My Arms
Lift Him Up!
The Glory of His Majesty

"In a French Mountain Village", "Autumn Comes to Woman"
Soprano, Chamber Orchestra7'

SDG 94-500 Conductor's Score$ 50.00
SDGS 941 Voice/Piano$ 25.00
SDG 94-500P Orchestra Parts$ 75.00
The last two songs in the song cycle, Voices from the Earth for Voice, Piano, Clarinet, and Violoncello, are also set for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra. From gorgeous, lyrical expression to a dazzling vocal and instrumental sprint to the finish line, these songs deserve a permanent place in the repertoire. The singer uses SDGS 941 for both versions.

Orchestra 2(Pic. dbl) 221 2221, Timp (3), Perc I-II-III, Mallets, Piano, Harp, Strings4.5'

SDG 97-501 Conductor's Score
SDG 97-501P Orchestra Parts
Extracted from the longer choir-orchestra work, South Dakota Shadows, the slow third movement for Strings is hauntingly beautiful, replete with pathos, and deep and dark sonorities.

(Carnegie Hall Series)
Mixed Chorus, Baritone Solo, Dramatic Reader, Orchestra 2(Pic. dbl) 221, 2221, Timp (3), Perc I-II-III, Mallets, Piano, Harp, Strings29'

SDGM 97-100 Chorus, Piano$ 8.95
SDG 97-500 Conductor's Full Score$ 75.00
SDG 97-500P Orchestra Parts$ 175.00
Smaller ensemble version with String Quartet and String Band
SDGM 97-100P String Quartet, String Band Parts$ 15.00
South Dakota Shadows was commissioned by Al Stanga and the Master Singers of Sioux Falls (SD). The work was premired in 1989 with the state's centennial. CD liner notes by James Livingston: "Its words and music reflect the heartland of America. The texts come from poets rooted in the state, watered by the Missouri, which merges high plains, sacred mountains, and badlands. Its varied citizens speak through these poets, nativeborn and settler, pioneers, and their descendants. This land, near the West, holds a special place in the American imagination. Its river boundary has much to do with it. Lingering near it, these people have not yet quite crossed over. The suite shadows them. Jackson Berkey demonstrates amazing versatility in combining various musical traditions to mirror the fusion of cultures." Poets include Charles "Badger" Clark, South Dakota poet laureate.
Excerpts available:Evening Shadows (South Dakota Shadows, Carnegie Hall Series) Indian Summer (South Dakota Shadows, Carnegie Hall Series)Mercy Song (A Spiritual) (South Dakota Shadows, Carnegie Hall Series)Requiem for a Pioneer Woman (South Dakota Shadows, Carnegie Hall Series)Turkeys and Badger's (South Dakota Shadows, Carnegie Hall Series)

Indian Summer
Turkeys and Badger's
Evening Shadows
Boxing With Snowflakes
Mercy Song
Requiem For A Pioneer Woman

(Carnegie Hall Series)
Mixed Chorus, Soprano & Alto Solos, Orchestra 2(with Pic dbl)22(B flat, A flat Cl)2 2211, Timp (3), Perc. I-II-III, Mallets, Piano, Harp, Strings. For Choir, order six movements, published separately.33'

SDG 09-500 Conductor's Score$ 75.00
SDG 09-500P Orchestra Parts$ 175.00
Thoughts and Remembrances, a collection of pieces, published separately and written for Carnegie Hall 2009, celebrates the universal love and connection between parent or guardian and child. The deep familial roots, nourished from generation to generation, are remembered tenderly and with deep respect. Each movement is beautifully orchestrated to magnify the substance and power of each. The six movements are published separately.

Balm In Gilead
In Memoriam: Kassarjian
Isaiah 44:3
Peace, Evermore!
View Me, Lord, A Work Of Thine