SDG 94-101 Chorus$ 1.25
SDG 98-204 Handbell Ensemble (Arr. Robert Noland)$ 3.95

Solo Violoncello, Piano15'

SDG 10-204
Piano and Violoncello combine to make a dazzling two movement work. Structured with Aeolian Ballade as Movement I, the piece begins with a feeling of timelessness in the piano, overlaid with a plaintive and slow-moving cello melody. Dramatic trills and flourishes interrupt quiet thought and a quick cadenza. The struggle between peace and ostinato-like figures gives way to a faster, repetitive section, eventually concluding with a lento expressivo. In Movement II, the Scherzo takes off with a memory of the repetition, rough accents and clashes of dynamics. A restatement of the opening with its a driving rhythmic foundation forces the climax and a powerful crescendo. The piece was commissioned in 2010 by Nebraska Music Teachers Association.

Solo Violoncello, Piano9'

SDGS 943$ 10.00
This duo is an intentionally eclectic work written to showcase varying styles and types of American music. It exploits the wide array of sounds and performance techniques available on the violoncello personified by walking bass, jazz, rock, quartal and tertian harmonic sections, some "Gershwin-esque" writing in the piano, and the American folk hymns Shall We Gather at the River and Simple Gifts.

SDG 98-203 Handbell Ensemble (Arr. Robert Noland)$ 3.95
SDG 91-101 Mixed Chorus$ 1.25
SDG 12-401 Male Chorus$ 1.25

Solo Organ2.5-5'

SDGS 961$ 9.95
Eight Anniversary Carols adapted for organ by Mormon Tabernacle Organist Clay Christiansen. Beautifully engraved and editorially detailed, the organ book is printed in landscape format for easier reading.

Angels We Have Heard On High
O Come, All Ye Faithful
Jesu, Son Most Sweet and Dear
A Day in a Manger
The Silent Word (What Child is This?)
Joy to the World
Il est né (He is Born)

Piano Solo21'

SDG 03-202$ 12.95
SDG CD 041$ 15.00
Five contrasting movements offer a fantastic solo piano voyage that explores the history, nature, animals, and people of Cape May, New Jersey. The work displays contemporary compositional techniques including pandiatonicism, simultaneity, polytonality, and duo-choromaticism. The composer's edition offers a high degree of specificity in pedaling, as well as a detailed glossary.
See also Cape May Solitudes for Solo Piano (SDG 03-203)

Jeffrey Piper
Gullfriend at the Beach
Shrimp in the Sink
SS Atlantus

Symphonic Band (Pic/Fl, Ob I-II, B-flat Cl I-II-II, B-flat Bs Cl, Bsn I-II, E-flat Alt Sax I-II, B-flat Ten Sax, E-flat Bar Sax, B-flat Tpt I-II III-IV, F Hn I-II-III-IV, Tbn I-II-III-IV, Euph I-II, Tuba I-II, Str Bass, Timp, Concert Sn Dr, Field Sn6'

SDGS 951 Conductor$ 75.00
SDGS 951P Concert Band Parts
SDGS 951mini: Battle Cry Miniature Study Score
An exciting setting of the famous Civil War tune by George F. Root. Much original material is mixed in the setting which offers stunning wind writing in combination with powerful brass and percussion ensemble work. This setting for symphonic band was commissioned and recorded by Lieutenant Colonel Craig D. Jessop and the U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command Heartland of America Band. Battle Cry of Freedom miniature study score is available on request.

Piano Solo22-55'

SDG 99-204$ 10.95
SDG CD 2000 Performance CD$ 15.00
Eight solo piano works written at the composer's first sabbatical at Cape May, NJ, America's oldest seaside resort. The titles carry us through a day with the composer at the well known Colvmns by the Sea Bed and breakfast, right on the beach front. Of varied difficulty, the entire set may also be performed in combination with sound FX including the Atlantic Ocean, seagulls, and three sets of beautiful wind chimes.
See also North Atlantic Suite for Cello and Piano (SDG 01-201) and Seaside Sweets for Clar, Vln, Vla, Vlc, Pf (SDG Contact Publisher).

Sunday Morning Fire
Bernadette's Salsa Egg Dish
Jazz's Blues
One-six-three Jig
Full Count
Irish Fiddler's Dance
Night Shore Fog
Late Night Embers
Sunrise at Colvmns By The Sea

Piano Solo20'

SDG 03-203$ 9.95
SDG CD 041 Performance CD$ 15.00
A collection of five pensive piano pieces dedicated to past friends, pets, and remembrances. Glossary included.
See also Pedal Points Twenty-O-Six for Oboe and Harpsichord (SDG 07-201) and Atlantic Fantasy for Solo Piano (SDG 03-202).

Fire and Snow
Jackson Cove Moonrise
Sweet Jaro
The Last Goodbye

Fl, Ob, Perc I-IV, Timp, Organ, Strings

SDG 04-500 Conductor's Score, Organ Score
SDG 04-500P Orchestra Parts
Chamber Concerto for Organ, Winds, Percussion, Timpani, and Strings was commissioned in 2003 by organist John Friesen and St. Paul United Methodist Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. In three movements of equal length, the concerto is written in a "Handelian" style with active interplay between the organ and the orchestral forces. The outer movements are energized with many asymmetric, dance rhythms; the contrasting middle movement is a gentle Fantasy on "Amazing Grace". Organ part and conductor's score are also available separately.
See also Fantasy on "Amazing Grace", for Violoncello and Orchestra (SDG 05-502).

Flute Orchestra
Solo Piccolo; Solo Flute; Fl I, II; Alto Fl I, II; Bass Fl I, II; Contra-Alto FL (or Bass Fl III); Contra-Bass FL; Harp (or Piano); Perc (Tambour); Dbl Bass4'

SDG 09-600
Based on Il est ne, a traditional French melody, this arrangement also compares nicely with the old Normandy hunting tune's original appearance in 6/8 meter. The "tambour" is a drum similar to the snare drum but played without the snares engaged.

Solo Violoncello (unaccompanied)4.5'

SDGS 952$ 7.50
The work is a set of free variations based on the famous hymn tune, Chester. It exploits the technical and dynamic aspects of the performer while focusing on the expressive nature of the violoncello.

Fl, Ob, Perc I-VI, Timp, Harp, Strings21'

SDGS 05-500 Conductor's Score, Harp Score$ 75.00
SDGS 05-500P Orchestra Parts
This concerto was written as a surprise gift for Kathy Bundock Moore, exquisite concert harpist and dear friend. Using the harp in an untraditional role, Berkey chose to use a smaller orchestra and to engage the solo instrument in "conversations" with the orchestral instruments. The work is in two movements, each having short cadenzas underscored by the orchestra.

1,1 (Ob/EngHn dbl) 4221, Timp , Strings11'

SDGS 01-502 Conductor's Score
SDGS 01-502P Orchestra Parts
Instrumental version of the choral and orchestra work. Brass section replaces the choral parts of the original version. Crucifixus is the first completed movement of Towers of La Sagrada Familia, inspired by the grand Antonio Gaudi unfinished cathedral of Barcelona, Spain. Gaudi's successor, Subirachs, continued the life of Christ in the magnificent facade on either end of the building. A cryptogram appearing on the "Death and Passion" entrance to the cathedral led Berkey in his melodic design. Replete with pathos and poetic tone painting, sonorities travel from one suspension to a release that leads to yet another suspension, representing the heavy weight of Christ's suffering. The haunting melodies and beautiful vertical sonorities retell the story of the exquisite carving of the Sagrada Familia.

Piano Quintet (B-flat Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Piano)13'

SDGS 944$ 20.00
Earth Voices is the composer's piano quintet version of the song cycle, Voices from the Earth. Throughout the contrasting four movements in this iteration, the original vocal lines are expanded and modified in a soloistic manner by the violin.

Solo Violoncello and Piano (or Chamber Orchestra) Chamber Orchestra Picc I, II, 2222 221 Timp, Perc9'

SDGS 953 Cello, Piano Reduction Scores
SDGS 95-500 Conductor's Score
SDGS 95-500P Orchestra Parts$ 10.00
The work is a large two-part form separated by a cello cadenza. The second section of the work is based on the composer's song, In a French Mountain Village. Timbre is dark and rich, always expressive and evocative. Written on commission from Kirk Gustafson and the College of Fine Arts at the University of South Dakota, Vermillion, Elegy for a Memory was premired by David Low in a special concert prepared for South Dakota Public Television in 1984.

Piano Solo4-6'

SDG 03-201 (Includes master class notes and glossary)$ 18.95
SDG CD 031$ 15.00
A collection of piano classics edited by composer/pianist, Jackson Berkey. His many years of study and teaching at the Juilliard School in New York City combine with his vast concertizing experience to make this a valuable teaching tool for late intermediate and advanced pianists.

Lento con gran espressione, Opus, Posth (Chopin)
Romanze in D-flat Major, Opus 24, Nr. 9 (Sibelius)
Prelude in B-minor, Opus 32, Nr. 10 (Rachmaninoff)
Consolation III in D-flat Major (Liszt)
La puerta del vino (Debussy)
Musette in D Major (Bach)
Sicilienne (Faure)
Sonata in D Major (Scarlatti)
Claire de lune (Debussy)
Homage to Thomas Campion (Berkey)
Sonata quasi una Fantasia (Beethoven)
Sarabande from "Pour le Piano" (Debussy)
Epilogo from "Escenas Romanticas" (Granados)

Solo Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra Fl, Ob, Perc I-II (Marimba, Glock), Organ, Strings8'

SDG 05-202 Cello, Piano Reduction Scores
SDG 05-502 Conductor's Score
SDG 05-502P Orchestra Parts
Based on the middle movement of Berkey's Chamber Concerto for Organ, this beautiful work for cello and orchestra recalls the pensive style of Copland or the tender expression of Barber.

Piano, Viola SDG 08-207$ 10.00
Piano, Violin SDG 10-200$ 10.00
Piano, Violoncello SDG 08-206$ 10.00
This poignant expression of life is reminiscent of Robert Schumann. Ascending triads, a high ostinato figure, and a majestic theme with dramatic climax, closes quietly as Firelight dims.
See Rainydark & Firelight for Solo Piano and Piano 4-hand versions.

Soprano, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Piano (opt. Handbells)4.5'

SDGS 942$ 15.00
The vocal solo for soprano, piano, and string trio commissioned in 1985 by the Nebraska Music Teachers Association, may be performed with piano alone. Highly suitable for weddings or on the concert stage, this song is a dramatic setting of text adapted from the Song of Solomon:

Cello (I-II-III-IV-V-VI-VII-VIII), Solo Cello3.5'

SDG 07-204 Conductor's Score and Parts
The work opens with the original Ascendit Deus Gregorian chant transliterated from the Liber Usualis and progresses tonally and rhythmically into a contemporary climactic peak.

Piano 4-hands5.5'

SDG 11-205$ 9.95
With its minor-major harmonic shifts, this work is reminiscent of the Dvorak Slavonic Dance Opus 46, No. 8, Furiant, in G minor. The opening description of the Berkey work, "Like a Slavonic Dance" shifts between A major and A minor. It dances lively in 6/8 with the occasional 3/8 for the unstoppable excitement. A section of 6/4 elongates the melody, shifting accents, but returns to the familiar 6/8 to finish with strong dynamics and breathless dance.

Piano 4-hands5.5'

SDG 10-205$ 9.95
SDG 11-203 B-flat Trumpet, Trombone, Piano$ 6.50
SDG 10-206 Violoncello, Piano$ 5.50
SDG 10-207 Piano Trio (vln, vlc, pf)$ 7.50
SDG 11-204 B-flat Trumpet, Piano$ 5.50
Jackson Berkey's Homage to Emily Dickinson was inspired by Certain Am I, originally composed for mixed chorus and piano (SDG 10-101) in a setting of Emily Dickinson's poem, 'I never saw a moor.' In this beautiful setting, the composer's technique seems to move in tandem with the poetry to facilitate her dissection of the meaning of faith - swirling it around in one's mind, imagining its power, its reach, its connection to all else.
See Certain Am I for choral and solo vocal settings.

Piano 4-hands4'

Piano 4-hands SDGS 966$ 3.50
B-flat Trumpet, Piano SDGS 963$ 5.50
Violin, Piano SDG 10-208$ 5.50
The English poet and composer Thomas Campion (1567-1610) is the inspiration for this instrumental work; specifically his poem, View Me, Lord, A Work of Thine. Jackson's romantic setting interweaves the players' parts with contrasting ranges and colors.

Piano 4-hands2.5'

SDGS 973$ 4.50
Hosanna Down! is adapted from Jackson Berkey's choral piece, Hosanna! It is a delightfully syncopated, energetic powerhouse. This work is so much fun to play, it could come with an unconditional, money back guarantee!

Piano 4-hands2.5'

SDGS 974$ 4.50
The double catalog listing is correct. This version simply discards the key of the "Major" version and turns into a very jazz oriented Dorian/Mixolydian hoe-down. The original Hosanna Down! is taken from Jackson Berkey's choral piece, Hosanna!

Piano/Woodwind Quartet (Piano, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon)17'

SDG 05-201$ 20.00
This multi-movement tour de force is highly descriptive and expressionistic. The title is derived from the numerous shorter movements which make up the piece:

Two volumes of harp solos are adapted or arranged by Concert Harpist Kathy Bundock Moore (University of Northern Colorado, Greeley). In direct collaboration with Jackson Berkey, Dr. Moore has created beautiful harp settings of pieces written by the composer in other genres. The two volumes, listed below, are also pristinely recorded on SDG Records.

Harp Solo, Volume I

SDGS 971$ 11.95
The Wisdom of Isaiah
Springtime in the Smokies
Sam Squirrel
Temple Rock
South Dakota Indian Summer
Olympic Summer Rain
Mount Desert Island
Autumn Brilliance

Harp Solo, Volume II

SDGS 972$ 8.95
A Day in a Manger
Still, Still Night
Asleep in My Arms
The Poet's Goodnight

Piano or Harpsichord Solo'

Harpsichord Carols CD SDG CD 011$ 15.00
Berkey's Juilliard School of Music and Mannheim Steamroller influences combine to create very atypical arrangements of familiar holiday carols for keyboard. All may be performed on Harpsichord, Piano, or various Synthesizers.


SDG 99-201 Harpsichord or Piano$ 9.95
The Good King
Three Kings of the Orient
Silent is the Night


SDG 99-202 Harpsichord or Piano$ 9.95
Christmas Day in the Morning
Come, Ye Faithful
Gentlemen, God Rest Ye!
Fantasy on a Rose

Solo Organ2.5-5'

SDG 99-203$ 9.95
Eight Anniversary Carols adapted for organ by Mormon Tabernacle Organist Clay Christiansen. Beautifully engraved and editorially detailed, the organ book is printed in landscape format for easier reading.

Christmas Day In The Morning
The Good King
Fantasy On A Rose
Three Kings Of The Orient
Silent Is The Night

Piano Solo4'

Piano Solo SDG 02-201 (includes performance CD)$ 6.95
Piano 4-hands SDG 02-206 (includes performance CD)$ 6.95
Strikingly similar to Chopin's Prelude in E minor (included in the publication), this work captures in music the quickly changing panorama of a moonrise over the Hood Canal on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.
See also Pedal Points Twenty-O-Six for Oboe and Harpsichord (SDG 07-201)

Also available:
Handbells with treble voices or treble solo (Arr. Robert Noland)4'

WIW 622 (Walton Music)

Cello (I-II-III-IV-V-VI-VII-VIII), Solo Cello 1-2-36'

SDG 07-206 Conductor's Score and Parts
Varied tempi and notation styles relative to an eclectic mix of historic periods define this work based on Berkey's Nunc dimittis.

Certain piano works by Bach, Shostakovitch, and Chopin share an identical harmonic journey. The PRELUDES AND FUGUES of Bach and Shostakovitch and the 24 PRELUDES of Chopin include works in all major and minor keys. Now, here in the 21st Century, Jackson Berkey's 24 NOCTURNES are ordered harmonically in a similar manner. Berkey's works traverse the "Circle of Fifths", alternating between major and relative minor keys. Although the composer maintains the 12 key signatures, occasionally the NOCTURNE at hand is in one of the modes of its indicated key signature, rather than having the key signature's "tonic" as the key center.

Many of Berkey's NOCTURNES intentionally emulate - structurally, melodically, technically - existing piano works by "classical" composers from different time periods. Here are several: Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Schumann, Debussy, Satie, Rachmaninoff, Stravinsky, Alberto Ginastera, William Schuman, and Serge Prokofiev.

"Remembering Serge Prokofieff"
Piano Solo2.2'

SDG 11-209$ 5.95
Remembering Serge Prokofieff does so stunningly in Nocturne No. 1. Full, rich chords provide the bass foundation after rapidly moving treble notes arrive gently from a distance in the opening. A study for the eye and the fingers, notations of each pattern are beautiful in their clarity and ultimate sparkle of energy.

Piano Solo5.5'

SDG 11-208$ 5.95
The heart beats in an obvious notation - endless, ceaseless. The constancy of life emanates from a quiet foundation to become large, shifting tectonic plates of related key centers in its spicy harmonic journey. This Nocturne is represented by glorious bursts of color and dynamics, as well as quiet inner solace.

"Homage to Claude Debussy"
Piano Solo10.5'

SDG 12-201$ 5.95
There are hints of Debussy's Claire de lune and his La cathedrale engloutie in this Nocturne, but sounds of Erik Satie may also come to mind. Atypical to Debussy, however, Berkey's composition has detailed pedaling. Double stemming sometimes indicates melodic lines, which occur as part of a moving ostinato or accompanimental figure. In these instances, melodic pedaling is necessary for clarity. As with all of his piano works, Jackson writes with a high level of specificity, but there is always great opportunity for personal expression, as well.

Piano Solo3.7'

SDG 12-205$ 5.95
The harmonic language of E Minor Nocturne is one of shifting modes combined with a melody structured quartally — in 4ths, 2nds, and 7ths — and with chords built on 4ths and 5ths, implying extensions of 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths. To balance important melodic material and to maximize its consistency, the left hand crosses over the right hand as the latter executes the melody’s predominance. The influence of jazz is implied through colorful harmonic extensions.

"Sunny Blues"
Piano Solo4.5'

SDG 09-201$ 4.95
The harmonic and rhythmic notation requirements in jazz are complex and very fascinating. Inherently richly harmonic jazz presents the performer with a myriad of accidentals, often mixed in both hands simultaneously. Although Sunny Blues has a key signature of D major, its modal center is E (Dorian in D major). This Nocturne includes a combination of "swing" and "concrete" metric information.

"Homage to Fryderyk Chopin"
Piano Solo4.1'

SDG 11-206$ 5.95
Reminiscent of the beauty and poignancy of a Chopin nocturne, this Homage to Fryderyk Chopin pricks the tender soul and moistens the eyes. From extended Tonic and Dominant harmonies over varied pedal points to an abundance of expressive rhythmic and harmonic flourishes, the sweet delicacy of past memories comes alive.

Piano Solo3'

SDG 12-206$ 5.95
The structure of Nocturne in A Major is elegantly simple and very transparent. Following a brief introduction of the ostinato pattern, the melodic content is presented in three contrasting ways, including intertwining melody with ostinato and showcasing the melody on top of an extended pedal point. The rhythm is sometimes elusive with melody "off the beat" and later obvious and "on the beat". To provide clarity of the upper melodic lines, finger pedaling technique is employed.

"Homage to Johann Sebastian Bach"
Piano Solo4'

SDG 12-207$ 4.95
Although the form called "Nocturne" was unknown at the time of Bach, pianists will be reminded of his Prelude in B-flat Minor; Book I, W.T.C. The transparency so evident in Bach's music is discovered in the Nocturne in F# Minor. The beautiful, haunting melody draws in the listener. Included in the publication is a second engraving of No. 8 with the diminution of all note values to more closely match Bach's notation in his Prelude.

“Homage to Thomas Campion”
Piano Solo5.3'

SDG 12-203$ 5.95
The English poet and composer Thomas Campion (1567-1610) is the inspiration for Nocturne in E Major. His lyrics, "View Me, Lord, a Work of Thine", were chosen for a choral anthem for mixed voices. The main lyrical melody is set simply and elegantly in a somewhat strophic form. It leads to a strong release of emotion, as if in a refrain. The composer's romantic composition interweaves contrasting ranges and colors throughout the Nocturne, closing peacefully with a coda based on repetitive themes lying across a clocklike ostinato.

"Homage to Sergei Rachmaninoff"
Piano Solo7.5'

SDG 08-208$ 7.95
As its impetus, this Homage to Sergei Rachmaninoff uses the famous Rachmaninoff Prelude No. 12 in G-Sharp Minor, Opus 32. Despite the unabashed romantic nature, with its beautifully expressive middle section in the relative B major, there exists an ongoing harmonic struggle between the tonic and dominant harmonies. At other times, instead of peacefully coexisting, the two keys clash, showing both the tonic and dominant in the same bar, which creates increased emotion and expression.

“Homage to Emily Dickinson”
Piano Solo5.3'

SDG 13-203$ 5.95
Nocturne in E-Flat Major finds its foundation in a choral setting of Emily Dickinson's Certain Am I, known by its first line "I never saw a moor". The great underlying Truth and her strong faith in God is shown with great strength, as well as in the turmoil of her imagination. The Nocturne seems to swirl around in one's thoughts, as the fingers dance on the keys - imagining its reach, its power, its connection to all elements of the music. The gentle opening turns loose in a breathless and rapid emotion. After the apex, a calm and peaceful ending draws the Nocturne to its last breath.

Piano Solo'

SDG 12-202$ 5.95
Reflections of a grand majesty hymn or nationalistic folk song develop from the huge and powerful homophonic/chordal writing. As with Berkey's writing, expressionism abounds in this Nocturne.

Piano Solo4'

SDG 08-203$ 5.95
Nocturne in G Minor is somewhat reminiscent of Rachmaninoff, Debussy, and Prokofiev, with an occasional passage taken almost directly from these masters. Much of the accompanimental aspect of the G Minor Nocturne is built on fast-moving, two-handed arpeggiations which may, in fact, be thought of as "home positions" that are altered significantly throughout by subtle note changes. Once the performer is familiar with the basic positions, the melodic material takes place in the "free hand," at times becoming choreographic both visually and physically via the crossing of the hands.

Piano Solo4'

SDG 08-205$ 4.95
This Nocturne focuses on the often unexplored mark of "license," the "rolled chord." A charming and stately dance in 3/4 time progresses gracefully from harpsichord technique to pianistic use of pedaling.

Piano Solo4'

SDG 08-204$ 4.95
This Nocturne emulates Igor Stravinsky and William Schuman, from an opening left hand ostinato and quiet single-voiced melody to a fortissimo, poly-chordal episode. A serene closing settles the drama.

Solo Violoncello and Piano, opt. Sound FX22'

SDGS 01-201$ 25.00
Use Cape May Preludes Sound FX CD: SDG 99-204CD$ 15.00
This is a setting of the nine Cape May Preludes for cello and piano. The Preludes were written on the composer's first sabbatical at Cape May, New Jersey, America's oldest seaside resort. The short, multi-movements carry us through a day with the composer at the oceanfront "Colvmns By The Sea" Bed and Breakfast.
See also Cape May Preludes for Solo Piano (SDG 99-204) and Seaside Sweets for Clar, Vln, Vla, Vlc, Pf (SDG Contact Publisher).

Flute Orchestra
Solo Piccolo; Solo Flute; Fl I, II; Alto Fl I, II; Bass Fl I, II; Contra-Alto FL (or Bass Fl III);; Contra-Bass FL; Perc (mark tree, triangle); Harp (or Piano); Dbl Bass6'

SDG 08-600$ 22.50
This lyrical fantasy on The First Noel layers a slow melody over a mesmerizing ostinato. Idiomatic and soloistic oboe and harp writing are present throughout.

Oboe, Harpsichord, opt. Wind Chimes16'

SDG 07-201
This five movement work is a showcase for both the harpsichord and the oboe and oboe d'amore, for which it was written. Short, descriptive movements include The Mystery of Lucero, Jackson Cove Moonrise, Sakura (with optional wind chimes), Sweet Jaroslav, and Dangerous Surf - S.O.S. .

Piano solos written to demonstrate various hand positions, melody-accompaniment-voicing balance, and rhythmic variety. Often specific techniques employed by famous composers are introduced and developed. This series is particularly suitable for adults and more mature intermediate students in recital and competition. The melodies are charming, and the rhythmic and harmonic language is rewarding.

(The Phillip Erklen Series)
Piano Solo2'

SDG 12-204$ 4.95
Hints of Mozartean Alberti bass figurations highlight this humorous work as echoes of Prokofieff are heard in the rhythmic patterns. A short journey into polytonality also adds to the fun.

(The Phillip Erklen Series)
Piano Solo3'

SDG 12-203$ 4.95
Written to introduce the rhythmic and melodic patterns, as well as hand positions necessary to play the great master's Moonlight Sonata, Movement 1, this piece has a lovely elegance and charm to its tender melody and accompaniment. The mode alternates between major and minor, and the melody moves among the bass, treble, and inner voices, including crossed hands.

Volume I
Piano Solo15'

SDG 93-201$ 9.95
Solo piano works "derived" from existing works in other genres. The Piano Derivations are retrospective in nature and represent an overview of the composer's work from 1975 to 1992. Source works for Volume I include the video score for Olympic, and music from the sacred choral cantatas The Glory of His Majesty, A Messenger Named John, and Come Follow Me!

Gethsemane Prayer
Love One Another
Rock Destruction
Sam Squirrel

Volume II
Piano Solo14'

SDG 93-202$ 11.95
Source works for Volume II include Gloria in Excelsis Deo!, the video scores for Olympic and Grand Canyon, and the secular chamber works Voices from the Earth and American Perspective One.

Five-Point-Five Four
Summer Rain
Colorado Trail
Autumn Brilliance

Piano Solo21'

SDG 11-202$ 15.95
Piano Sonata is a brilliant culmination of piano study and exploration of tone, power, peace and delicacy, soaring melodies, pathos, robust rhythmic explosions, driving energy and clanging brass. The four-movement work is (I) Misterioso ~ Energico ~ Molto espressivo, (II) Scherzo movendo, (III) Pensieroso, (IV) Drammatico ~ Homage to Vincent Persichetti.

Violin, Violoncello, Piano10.5'

SDGS 975$ 15.00
Piano Trio Kassarjian is inspired by the composer's choral work In Memoriam: Kassarjian, which is very "instrumental" in nature and translates beautifully into the piano trio form. It includes a cadenza for the two string instruments. Overall, the work is a mixture of highly emotional, lyrical writing combined with tour de force 20th Century rhythmic writing among the three instruments.

Piano Solo7.5'

SDG 08-202$ 5.95
This poignant, pianistic expression of life is reminiscent of the F-Sharp Major Romance by Robert Schumann. Ascending triads and a high ostinato figure lead to a majestic theme with dramatic climax, and, eventually to a quiet closing as the Firelight dims.

Piano Solo, Opt. Wind Chimes5'

SDG 02-205 (includes performance CD by the composer)$ 6.95
This setting of the beloved Japanese folk song is characterized by a peaceful coexistence of two ideas: a straightforward setting of the folk song combined with a high treble 5/4 ostinato. A minimalist approach in the work also suggests the use of wind chimes, visibly cued in the score.

Cello (I-II-III-IV), Solo Cello3.5'

SDG 07-203 Conductor's Score and Parts
God Be In My Head is structured around original chant-like melodic fragments. The expressive melody exploits dynamics and tessitura while exploring both mixtures of tertian and quartal harmonic structures.

Piano Quintet (B-flat Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Piano)22'

SDG 2000-2 ????
SDG 99-204CD Use Cape May Preludes Sound FX CD$ 15.00
A setting of the nine Cape May Preludes for Piano Quintet. The entire set may be performed in combination with sound FX including the Atlantic Ocean, seagulls and 3 sets of beautiful wind chimes.

Sunday Morning Fire
Bernadette's Salsa Egg Dish
Jazz's Blues
One-six-three Jig
Full Count
Irish Fiddler's Dance
Night Shore Fog
Late Night Embers
Sunrise at Colvmns By The Sea

Flute Orchestra
Solo Piccolo; Solo Flute; Solo Alto Flute; Fl I, II; Alto Fl I, II; Bass Fl I, II; Perc (mark tree, triangle); Harp (or Piano); Dbl Bass6'

SDGS 01-600 WAS 01-200$ 22.50
This work was commissioned in 1999 by Nancy Spidel for the Colorado Silver Winds Flute Orchestra. It is based on the composer's choral work, Still, Still Night ("Silent Night"). It is as unique as it is beautiful.


SDG 06-201
Composed as a tribute to music educator Louis J. Stout, Solitude for Horn is provided with the compliments of the composer and SDG Press. In lieu of a fixed price per copy, donations may be made to the Louis Stout Scholarship Fund at the University of Michigan.

Solo B-flat Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Piano (opt. handbells)4.5'

SDGS 976$ 15.00
The Solomon Quintet is an instrumental adaptation of Jackson Berkey's solo soprano song, For This, I Love You. The original vocal line is here expanded for solo clarinet. The work opens with very delicate string and piano writing which supplies an ethereal foundation for the solo clarinet. A slight change of tempo adds the possibility of handbells. The clarinet soars as the instruments reach their apex, only to release their tension to a closing section which features the absence of the solo clarinet. The clarinet enters in the last phrase to bring Solomon to a quiet end. It is dedicated to clarinetist Kathryn Pirtle and the Orion Ensemble of Chicago, Illinois.

"In a French Mountain Village", "Autumn Comes to Woman"
Soprano, Chamber Orchestra7'

SDG 94-500 Conductor's Score$ 50.00
SDGS 941 Voice/Piano$ 25.00
SDG 94-500P Orchestra Parts$ 75.00
The last two songs in the song cycle, Voices from the Earth for Voice, Piano, Clarinet, and Violoncello, are also set for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra. From gorgeous, lyrical expression to a dazzling vocal and instrumental sprint to the finish line, these songs deserve a permanent place in the repertoire. The singer uses SDGS 941 for both versions.

Orchestra 2(Pic. dbl) 221 2221, Timp (3), Perc I-II-III, Mallets, Piano, Harp, Strings4.5'

SDG 97-501 Conductor's Score
SDG 97-501P Orchestra Parts
Extracted from the longer choir-orchestra work, South Dakota Shadows, the slow third movement for Strings is hauntingly beautiful, replete with pathos, and deep and dark sonorities.

Cello (I-II-III-IV-V-VI), Piano, Opt. Bass, Guitar Ensemble4'

SDG 07-207 Conductor's Score and Parts
Berkey's setting of Cibola and the Seven Cities of Gold masterfully captures the essence of Native American Phillip White Hawk's style from a bold dynamic timbre to the highest range. It can be performed in combination with a single acoustic guitar or larger guitar ensemble.

Two Pianos20'

SDG 08-201$ 24.95
Three movements: an electrifying celebration with joy and energy, Flying High; plaintive, melodic Rainydark and Firelight; and a tender and gradual arrival in heaven in Fading Memories. Breathtaking two-piano writing coupled with tuned wind chimes in the third movement.

Piano Solo14'

SDG 02-203 (includes performance CD by the composer)$ 10.95
This collection of five works for late intermediate or early advanced pianists focuses on rhythmic and technical adventures. Each piece includes shifting asymmetrical - symmetrical meters. Atypical notation is also occasionally used in the five titles. Each movement is highly descriptive and includes a "story" summary from the composer.

Samba Rhumba Walla Walla
Delaware Bay Ice
Beach Caterpillar
Bernadette's Salsa Egg Dish

Piano Solo4'

SDG 02-202 (includes performance CD)$ 6.95
Reminiscent of Winter from The Seasons by Vivaldi, this is a study in artistic license applied to arpeggiation. The work is typified by a repeating 7-bar phrase.


SDG 07-205 Conductor's Score and Parts
The emotions expressed in this piece based on Weepe Not contrasts sombre reflection on lost love and determined stoicism. Using extended divisi and range, the work connects with the listener through its deep expression.